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Lab User Creation Simplified. How LabGen!


We have a great new App you for.

I mentioned before that I see enterprise problems and always want to automate a process. That normally turns into a script idea, if its good enough it gets converted to an application.

This weeks problem I had to create a new lab so I could test some abilities of a tool. This tool which isn't important would allow a Global GAL sync. So a new Domain and Exchange org had to be deployed. Once it was deployed, I was faced with manually created users. After the 5th user and running out of names to use I decided to automate this process.

LabGen can generate up to 25,000 users and mailboxes using the embedded file. Its simple and light weight. Once your done you can simply delete the entire OU "Demo Users" and start again. Special thanks to Fake Name Generator, and Wictor Wilen.

There are two version of this application. One is for E2k10, the other E2k13.


  • Requires PowerShell 3.0

  • Requires ActiveDirectory Module

  • Requires Exchange Management Snap In

Download this great lab tool here